Nantucket Fishing Tips


As early as May, striped bass (stripers) begin their migration north as nantucket Waters become milder. May through mid June is an excellent time to catch Striped bass when casting from the beach on Nantucket. The stripers will first be reported caught in Newport RI, then the Vineyard, then we will begin to hear reports of stripers in Nantucket harbor and on the South Shore as they migrate northward.

Your best bet for catching a striped bass early in the season is to go an hour before high tide or the hour directly after high tide on the South Shore of the island. Anywhere from Madaket to Tom Nevers is a good bet. Try and fish the deep holes in the water, between sandy points. You want to use a Hopkins Metal Lure or a Pearl Bomber Lure. Rig either up to a clear monofilament leader. Stripers prefer clear leaders and are more likely to

go after your lure rather than using a black metal leader.


As May and June become the the summer months of July ,August & September, and as the waters around the island warm, Bluefish can be found all around Nantucket. Stripers will start to move North toward cooler water. Blues can be caught on Great Point, the South Shore, Harbor, Eastern shores and the North Shore. Blues prefer lures such as Ballistic Missiles, Deadly Dicks, Hopkins and Ranger Lures. Bright colors work well when Fishing for Bluefish.


Fall on Nantucket can bring some of the years best fishing. This is a time when a great variety of fish can be found just off the shores of the island. Stripers will migrate back to the island from the North as the water begins to cool. Bluefish can still be found just offshore, as well as False Albacore and Bonita.

False Albacore ( Albies) and Bonita are species of Tuna. They are both very fun to fish and put up a great fight. When fishing for Albies and Bonita, you want to use a Deadly Dick, or a Hammer Lure. Best area for catching these fish are from Great Point or from Madaket to Cisco on the South Shore.


Well, now that you have a basic idea of how to fish from the Shores of Nantucket, get out there,go have some fun and hopefully catch a fish! Remember fishing is a learning experience too. The more you go, the more you will know what spots are best . Checkout the Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Calendar for an idea of what fish to go for.